Google Teacher Academy Chicago Application Video

Google Teacher Academy

I have completely submitted my video and application to the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago! I feel incredibly accomplished and even more motivated to be an educational innovator.

You may be visiting this link after viewing my #gtachi video on YouTube to learn more about the programs, websites, and applications featured, and even perhaps about the original music composed for the video. If so, welcome to my blog, please explore, and feel free to inquire about utilizing the following or anything else you find in my blog in your own classroom or school!

Enjoy watching the video and clicking through the links that follow.

Google Art Project
 (now called Cultural Institute) [Link to be updated with blogpost soon!]

Google Docs

Google Sites

Paperless Assessment Tools :

Conference/Webinar Presentations :

Google Hangout Events featured :

Second Life Smithsonian Day of the Day

Gamification :

“Flippenarium” App on Google Play [Link to be posted once summer app updates are complete]

Google Scholar

Google Maps Engine

AppleTV in the classroom [No link yet; Blog coming next week!]

Original Music composed using

Original recording of the music for this video:

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